2 January
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Right, so this is the bit where I get to sit here and 'piss in my own pocket' as some would say. Anyways...I’ve been living in Melbourne for almost a year now. Yep…one entire year of independence. I’m originally from Bendigo, and I love going back to chill on my parents property of a weekend and embrace the bogan-child within. Just sit around, play with my horses and catch up with old friends. I’m a legal secretary in the Melbourne CBD, and while I like my job I can think of other things I would rather be doing on a Monday through Friday between the hours of 8.30 and 5. I love all kinds of music, my favorite band is Hanson (yep, laugh it up), and I also like Green Day, Good Charlotte, The Killers, Simple Plan, Robbie Williams, and Christina Aguilera. As you can see I have a broad taste in music. Basically anything I can groove to it good by me. I also love shopping, and am a slave to large labels and as a result my credit card is about to catch fire. I could spend every waking hour shopping, but haven't been successful so far. When I'm not shopping or listening to music, I'm usually sleeping or watching or playing sport. Basically anything other than golf and curling. Oh, and soccer. Sorry, but if you ask me it’s footy for boys who don’t want to ruin their nails. I am uber into AFL and don't talk to me if you're gonna say something bad about Collingwood OK? I also play netball, basketball and showjumping - I don't think you can play showjumping, it's just something you do. Friday nights are religiously spent at some bar in the city with the girls. I'm a big fan of the Traders Bar at the moment, except for when the cocktail prices rise to $18.00 a drink just before you pay for the round of six drinks. But that is a whole 'nother kettle of fish.
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