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Suicidal Education
Posted on 2010.09.27 at 17:09
Current Location: Australia, Victoria

What am I?...

♥ We go car shopping together.
♥ We talk about the possibility relocating to Bendigo…maybe.
♥ We go on dates and then laugh about the fact that we still go on dates.
♥ We talk every.freaking.day.
♥ We cuddle and carry on like 15 year olds.
♥ We hold hands in public.
♥ We feel the need to ask the other's advice on certain situations.
♥ We plan trips to Thailand…just the two of us.
♥ We're both the first person the other one calls when something exciting happens.
♥ We call each other stupid, sucky names instead of our real names.
♥ We give each other advice when the other one is stuck in a stupid situation.
♥ We call each other when we're in sucky moods for cheering up.
♥ We can lay in bed and talk all.freaking.day and never run out of things to talk about. Ever.

But we're not together.

I'd hate to know what a real couple acts like...

Seriously. Boys do confusing things. But I am happy in this unrelationship with my notboyfriend, it makes me smile that we can still do this and that we are so comfortable with each other. So we carry on…

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~ Bella ☼  ~
ladybugbella at 2010-09-27 09:12 (UTC) (Link)
ohemgee you're still alive!!

I thought you'd dropped off the face of the planet! ;)

Miss you - and I vote YES on ♥#2
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