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Suicidal Education


Posted on 2010.02.17 at 19:45
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Dear God,

Please, please cut me some fucking slack. Give me a break here. Please. Just a little one.
Whatever I did in a past life I’m sorry. I promise I am.

OK so I’m just about to rack up three years at Gadens. Almost three years of being PA to the head honcho and, if I do say so myself, I’m fucking good at what I do. I can’t straighten my own life out but I can run his practice for him, organise not just his life but the lives of his stay-at-home wife and two teenage boys, make sure he’s on time for everything , has everything he needs for whatever appointments he has for the day, pick up his dry-cleaning, make sure there’s skinny milk in his flat white, research his son’s assignment on Ancient Greece, call his wife and tell her he’s stuck in a meeting and she’ll have to pick the boys up from cricket training, the list goes on forever. Not only that but I also take care of his off-sider who only works three days a week and run her files on the days she’s not in the office. You get the picture. And I like my job, I really do. But, I can do everything there with my eyes closed. Seriously, I know that place inside-out.
So, everybody of any kind of authority have realised over the last eighteen months or so that I am, and I quote, ‘wasted’ in my current role. That after five years in the industry I am doing the work of a first year lawyer and am bored with it. Late last year I had a closed-door conversation with the aforementioned off-sider where I approached her about the possibility of taking on more work and we ended up discussing different ideas for not just me but the whole team. She was very keen on the idea of promoting me into a paralegal role. Which I, by the way, loved the idea!
Fast-forward to today...
A paralegal in our team resigns. I found out before it was public knowledge, hence could not pop my head in my boss’ door and just gently remind her of the conversation we’d previously had. By late morning, when it had been announced and I could therefore discuss it, there were that many closed doors I couldn’t get in anywhere. Clearly all discussing how they were going to fill Mich’s position. No sooner do the doors open but the two junior admin. assistants get called in individually for closed-door conversations. Later, I am told that the two juniors are being given the opportunity to be interviewed for this position. WHAT.THE.FUCK you’re promoting one of two juniors who haven’t been there half as long as I have been, who are constantly at my fucking desk asking questions whether they be from an administrative perspective or something legal related. They don’t have their own fucking jobs down pat let alone learning a whole new job. By the way, these girls are always sick or away from work for bullshit reasons. Good idea, give them more responsibility. FUCK! Seriously, whose fucking dick to I have to fucking suck in this place for me to get anywhere? I get into work early, I work late, I work flat out all fucking day, I do things that most certainly not within my job role. And do I ever complain. No. I do what’s required and then some and where the fuck does that get me? Nowhere. Fucking nowhere.
My solution: www.seek.com.au
And beer.

So am I the only person in the world that didn’t know that you can’t apply through VTAC and then decide to apply direct to (a different) University? I applied through VTAC, which was stupid to begin with because there was no provision to put my industry experience and show myself off a bit. For all they knew I could have fucked up year twelve six years ago, worked at Maccas for a bit, watched Law and Order and thought to myself ‘yeh, that looks cool. I’m gonna do that’. So, as I expected I didn’t get a first round offer. Nor did I get a second round offer. So a friend kicked my arse into gear and we spent an entire day putting together applications for Bachelor of Laws at Victoria University and eight law double degrees. Only to get them all sent back to me in the mail today with a letter saying:
Dear Applicant,
Thank you for submitting the enclosed Direct Application to Victoria University.
As you are a current 2010 VTAC applicant we are writing to advise that you can only be considered fdor an offer to commence study in Semester 1, 2010 either via the VTAC offer rounds or, where applicable, the irregular offer process.
For further information regarding VTAC offers, including the irregular offer process, please refer to pages 32-33 of the 2010 VTACV Guide or the VTAC website at www.vtac.edu.au
It should also be noted that some courses offered through VTAC, may be available for commencement at mid year via direct application to the University. Please refer to our website rom late April, early May 2010 for a full listing of courses available in the mid year intake.
Thank you for your interest.

Fuck! I give in. I’m sure as shit not going to get a third or fourth round offer from VTACT so I admit defeat. I’m not going to be a lawyer. Ever.

Ugh. That rant didn't make me feel better.

Randmly: I totally have a craving for pork bellies. Yes I do.


shellet at 2010-02-17 09:53 (UTC) (Link)
WTF I hope you went and reamed his ass out for not coming to you first

wankers grrrrrrrrrrrr
not your kitten
thysanotus at 2010-02-17 10:35 (UTC) (Link)
What? Oh lordy. I would be having a calm discussion with your boss tomorrow about this. Especially - yeah. That's lamesauce.
badlaura at 2010-02-17 10:57 (UTC) (Link)
I can't do calm at the moment. I'll either yell or cry if I try to talk to them about it. Not sure which one it'd be yet.

Oh also, whilst rummaging through the ten University applications that got sent back to me today I noticed they all had writing on them. All bar one had 'No - BLAW' written on the top in red ink. The last one, the application for Bachelor of Laws had 'Yes.' written on it in fucking red ink. I was fucking in and then they realised I'd applied through VTAC. So I tore them up.
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