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Suicidal Education


Posted on 2010.03.16 at 18:19
Current Location: Australia, Victoria

Just how sad my life is.

Management sent a firm-wide email advising of the yearly influenza vaccine and attached a consent form. My boss firstly emails me telling me to get it because he knows how sick I get when I do get the flu and he doesn't want to have me sick off work because he apparently can't live without me but also asks me to fill one out for him to sign.

I can fill in a consent form for my boss with the following details:

1. Full name;

2. Date of birth (year included);
3. Home address (postcode needn't be looked up, Hawthorn East is 3123, I knew that already);

4. Emergency contact details;

5. Date of last influenza vaccine and that there were no adverse reactions suffered; and

6. That he isn't allergic to eggs.

I also realised how sad I was when I realised I don't have an emergency contact. At the age of 23 my mum is still my 'in case of emergency'.

Anybody know where I can buy a life for cheap?!

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shellet at 2010-03-16 11:26 (UTC) (Link)
My mum was my emergency contact until I was 25 so I win :P
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